Help with studying our online courses

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Help with studying our online courses

10 Handy Tips:

Lots of students each year book online courses with us, perhaps VHF, Navigation or for those that want to work on the water the PPR Professional Practices course. Many complete quickly on their own with little contact but we know that a few need some extra encouragement.  We have compiled a 10 Handy Tips guide to help you succeed.

Last week for example we had a client who we stayed in touch with all day via text with encouragement and GIFs. Finally, after weeks of procrastination, they were motivated to complete the course in a day. Sometimes knowing someone is at the end of a phone helps.

I try to achieve a new qualification myself each year. At the moment I’m focussing on teaching skills, to make boating more accessible to all. This year I struggled to get into the momentum of my course due to the ever-changing nature of lockdowns so I do understand how hard it can be to stay motivated!

I don’t profess to be an expert in study techniques but thought I’d share a few thoughts here on how I’m now accelerating towards the end of my course.  Perhaps you could share your strategies too?

Our 10 handy tips:

1. Set yourself up with snacks and drinks in advance so no excuse to sneak off to the kitchen

2. Reduce your chance of being disturbed or distracted by hiding yourself away

3. Turn off notifications for social media

4. Break study down into manageable section even if that is just a few pages at a time. Make your aim achievable, anything else is a bonus

5. Use a dedicated study spot so that mentally you are prepared to settle down. For me it is a particular desk at home but it might be your favourite table in a café etc

6. Think about how you like to study and utilise that. Does highlighting text work, using sticky notes, drawing yourself pictures, listening to information etc

7. Use the weather to make the most of study time. If it is windy and wet outside use that time to study, don’t use time when you could be afloat if you will resent it

8. Keep in mind your aim. Will the course improve your boating, keep your safer, work towards a commercial qualification etc

9. Keep yourself refreshed with drinking water and getting up regularly for a quick walkabout.

10. Give yourself a reward for achieving your aims for the study session


ASK US FOR HELP – whether you are stuck, need motivation or just fancy a chat about boating!

If you’d like to see which courses are available please visit our online courses page or contact us to chat further.

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