Hi and welcome to our page on which we have put together boating links for clients who have attended our courses.  It gives information on subjects we have discussed on courses and links to boating resources.

Please let us know if any of the links need adjustment or if you require any further information and do check any links lead to current information!  Suggestions always welcome.

A separate tab gives links to business and shopping as this page is focussed on learning resources.

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Imray Charts and Publications: Discounted Charts to order online

Most popular are:

Y23 Poole Harbour. Large scale, perfect for planning at home

Y39 Poole Harbour. Laminated version, great for use on a boat and with Studland inset

C4 Christchurch to Portland Bill. Great for those venturing to Swanage

C15 The Solent.  Yarmouth, Lymington etc

Also access to Almanacs, Flip Cards and Reference Cards


Practical Courses:

Weather (remember to make sure page is updated and location) 

Met Office Inshore Waters  – Inshore Waters Forecast

Windguru – Windguru (You may need to click on search spots for data to appear)

Windy – Windy Poole

XC Weather – Poole XC Weather Forecast

Beaufort Scale – RYA Measuring the Wind – Beaufort Scale or an informal visual version – Beaufort Scale including MPH

Live Weather – Weatherfile – Parkstone Platform

BrambleMet (weather buoy in the central solent)  BrambleMet Live weather data

Tides (remember to check if BST & Location in Harbour):

Easytide  Poole Tide Times

BBC  Poole Tide Times

BrambleMet (historical tidal levels)  BrambleMet Real Tide data

Tidetech  Tidetech global currents

Live tide Poole (not to be used for navigation, Triskeldata): Live Poole Tide

Forms and resources:

ICC Form – How to apply for an International Certificate of Competence – Please print out and complete the form obtained via one of these two links below and then send it to the RYA (don’t forget to include photocopies of your ID and qualification plus a passport sized photograph).  We would generally suggest you join as an RYA member on the form as that will give you the additional RYA membership benefits as well and the ICC is then in effect free to RYA members.

Partially Completed ICC form for those who have completed Powerboat Level 2 Certificates including Coastal Waters 

Blank ICC Form for those who have completed other qualifications such as Dayskipper



Passage Planning –  The RYA SafeTrx app monitors your boat journeys and alerts emergency contacts should you fail to arrive on time (Please note this has replaced the ‘old’ CG66 scheme)   RYA Safetrx

Marine Conservation Zone Studland – Anchoring Zones

RYA Safety Hub – Safety Hub

Navigation Apps:  Don’t forget you must use in conjunction with other methods of navigation too! Savvy NavvyNavionics or Imray Navigator

Choosing a Lifejacket – RNLI Guide to Lifejackets

Registering your marine radio – OFCOM Ships Radio License

RYA Powerboat Checklist – Equipment for UK Pleasure Vessels  – Checklist (If you’d like a copy of the RYA checklist for centre boats please contact us)

RNLI Engine Check Cards Outboard Checks   Inboards and Outdrives

RNLI Guide to VHF for beginners – VHF Radio Guide

RYA Safety Advisory Notice Safety Advisory Notice (For previous issues including information on cold water shock scroll to bottom of the page in the link)

RYA Information on Cold Water Shock – RYA Cold Water Shock

Animated Knots (Bowline, Sheet Bend, Clove Hitch, Round Turn & 2 Half Hitches) Knots

Lifejackets checks – RNLI Video Check & Maintain Your Lifejacket


RYA Guides and Tips on Boat Handling:

Anchoring –  Tips on Anchoring from the RYA

Speed and Safety  – RYA Tips Speed and Safety

Mooring – Turning on a Warp

Heavy Weather – RYA Tips – Heavy Weather Handling

Boat Trim & Trim Tabs – RYA Tips – Boat Trim & Trim Tabs

Boating Links to Organisations:

Breakdown Cover for Own Boats – Seastart    Sea Start (Please advise them we referred you)

RYA Membership – Membership (We would be grateful if you’d add our joining point code 920661685)

National Coastwatch Institution – Channel 65    NCI

Poole Harbour Commissioners – Local Notices to Mariners LNTMs

Poole Harbour Commissioners –   Harbour Byelaws

BCP Council – Bridge Information Bridge Lifting Times

PHC – Poole Harbour Dues

Lymington Harbour – LNTMs

Yarmouth Harbour – LNTMs

Beaulieu – Visiting

Visit our Harbour – Homepage


If you’re looking for presents/individual items then our local chandleries: (in alphabetical order)

CQ Chandlers, Cobbs Quay – 01202 682095

Force 4 Chandlers, Poole (Bournemouth Rd & Poole Quay) – Force 4 – Poole Quay

Quay West Chandlers, Parkstone YC – Quay West

Salterns Chandlery, Salterns Marina (Speak to Dave Nunn) – Salterns Chandlery

Bournemouth Canoes (clothing and canoes) – Bournemouth Canoes

Useful Videos:

We have a number of videos on our YouTube channel which illustrate how to complete various manoeuvers in a power or motor boat, along with reminders as to engine checks and other useful information. Whilst there are many videos available on the internet these are videos demonstrating best practice.  These are issued by either the RYA or demonstrated by an RYA Examiner.

Dorset Marine Training YouTube Channel

Boating Links for Commercial Skippers:

(Many of these documents are updated regularly. Please check before use and let us know if you spot an out of date link!)

MGN 280 – MGN 280

Small Passenger Craft, High Speed Experience Rides Guidance – High Speed Experience Ride Guidance

RYA Code of Practice for Safe Water Sports Operations – Voluntary Code of Practice for Watersports in the Superyacht Industry