At Dorset Marine Training, we thrive on assisting all water users with the knowledge and experience suited to them, from small scale leisure craft to large commercial operators.


About Us -Dorset Marine Training is run by Dom and Sarah, two individuals who love being afloat.  We encourage all around us to get boating at whatever level suits them. Whether that’s leisure boating on a flat calm summers day or working afloat in the British weather! We hope we are viewed as friendly and approachable. Whilst there are specific standards needed to achieve qualifications, we like to take a calm and relaxed approach to training at a pace to suit our clients.




Dom is Chief Instructor of Dorset Marine Training.  He is an experienced Instructor and also works as a skipper for both commercial clients and private individuals.  His experience extends across European Waters.  As well  as an Advanced Powerboat & Yachtmaster Instructor for Motor Cruisers, he’s also Yachtmaster Offshore for sail and power.   He teaches Dayskipper and Yachtmaster Theory alongside our VHF/SRC Marine Radio, Diesel Engine and Sea Survival Courses.  He is also a Personal Watercraft Instructor. Never one to sit still, he sails as a volunteer with the Ocean Youth Trust.  In his leisure time sails dinghies & yachts, canoes and occasionally attempts to windsurf!

Dom is really friendly and approachable but also very knowledgeable having pushed himself to continuously increase his knowledge. If you have any questions about your course, please contact us and he’ll be happy to help.




Sarah is the Principal of Dorset Marine Training. Alongside the administration for the Centre, Sarah also teaches Powerboat and VHF/SRC Marine Radio Courses and is a Personal Watercraft Instructor. She is also an Advanced Commercial Skipper working on coded boats.  This gives her experience of the qualifications required for those working on the water.  She also work extensively for our sister sea school with bespoke training for members of a Boat Club, spending lots of time introducing people to hard sided boats.  Sarah is keen to encourage all out on the water so they can enjoy it as much as she does.  In particular, she enjoys working with those who need more confidence to get afloat.
She has a habit of collecting boats. Alongside the powerboats, Sarah also has a number of sailing dinghies & enjoys racing at her local sailing club.  Occasionally she even gets out on the canoe!



Sister Sea School:   Alongside Dorset Marine Training, Sarah and Dom also run Harbour Sea School based in Poole which provides bespoke training for The Boat Club members on their fleet of 25 boats.